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Respiratory Care : Nebulisers
Lella the Ladybug Nebuliser

Lella the Ladybug Nebuliser

Lella the Ladybug Nebuliser
  Lella the Ladybug
  • The Friendliest Nebuliser Ever - Lella is a compressor nebuliser in the shape of a red ladybug
  • Perfect for Small Children - the device is not intimidating and makes taking medication more fun and acceptable to children
  • Quiet Operation - Lella hums away quietly in the background
  • Attractive Transport Case - the zip carry case is transparent and shaped to fit Lella and all her accessories
  • 'Lella the Ladybug' Story Book - read the story of Lella to your child and help engage their imagination
  • Suitable for Bronchodilators - and other medications held in suspension
  • Includes Rhino Clear - for cleansing and medicating the upper airways
  • 2 year warranty
  • Package includes:
    • Lella the Ladybug Compressor
    • Story Book
    • Rhino Clear Nasal Washer
    • Nebuliser Accessories:
      • Chamber
      • Large and small face masks
      • Mouthpiece
      • Tubing
    • Mains supply lead
    • Instructions
    • Carry case
  • Technical:
    • Power supply; mains 220-240 volt
    • Maximum air flow; 10 LPM
    • MMAD; 3.6 ?m
    • Medication capacity; 2ml (min) - 8ml (max)
    • Operating pressure; 0.9bar
    • Dimensions; 21 x 16 x 13cm
    • Weight; 1.6kg
Lella the Ladybug Nebuliser
Manual Air Flow Control Valve
Nebuliser Accessory: Adult Face Mask
Nebuliser Accessory: Adult Nasal Prong
Nebuliser Accessory: Child Face Mask
Nebuliser Accessory: Child Nasal Prong
Nebuliser Accessory: Medication Chamber
Nebuliser Accessory: Mouthpiece
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