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TGA Eclipse Compact Scooter

TGA Eclipse Compact Scooter

TGA Eclipse Compact Scooter
  TGA Eclipse Compact Scooter.


The Eclipse from TGA is an incredible scooter, offering superb levels of stability and manoeuvrability with ground clearance that is the best in its class. The Eclipse is designed for local, around-town use and can be dismantled easily for transportation in most cars. In our opinion it is the best car boot scooter on the market. It's solid, well thought out and designed specifically with the users needs in mind.

All the controls and hand-grips have been ergonomically designed designed to ensure ease of use and the luxury seat adds to the feeling of comfort. Other practical features include a front basket with liner, rear shopping bag and detachable battery pack for on-board or off-board charging.

* Simple to take apart, no fiddly connections
* Excellent levels of stability and manoeuvrability
* Exceptional 3" ground clearance
* Ergonomically designed controls
* Luxury padded seat

Technical Specification:

Length: 1000mm / 39"
Width: 480mm / 19"
Wheel size, front: 190mm / 7.5"
Wheel size, rear: 215mm / 8 1/2"
Total weight: 45kg / 98lbs
Speed, variable up to: 6.4 kmh / 4 mph
Maximum incline: 12%
Maximum carrying capacity: 132kg / 21.4 stone
Batteries: 2 x 12v / 12a/h
Maximum range: 15km / 9 miles

The Eclipse is also available with heavy duty 21 a/h batteries, giving a maximum range of 18 miles, on request.

The Eclipse is available in 6 vibrant colours - choose from white, metallic orange, metallic silver, metallic red, lime green, or slate grey.

TGA Eclipse Compact Scooter (Bright Orange)
TGA Eclipse Compact Scooter (White)
TGA Eclipse Compact Scooter (Metallic Red)
TGA Eclipse Compact Scooter (Lime Green)
TGA Eclipse Compact Scooter (Slate Grey)
TGA Eclipse Compact Scooter (Metallic Silver)
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