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Stethoscopes : Littmann
Littman Lightweight II SE with Pink tubing

Littman Lightweight II SE with Pink tubing

  • General purpose stethoscope with an improved deign that provides reliable acoustics for basic blood presssure and limited physical assessment
  • Chestpiece shape designed for better orientation aroung blood pressure cuffs and body contours
  • Two side chestpice; a traditional bell on the smaller side and the 3M Littmann turnable diaphragm on the larger side of the chestpiece
  • Conviniently alternates between high and low frequency sounds withouth the need to turn over the chestpiece and reposition the stethoscope. Use firm presure with the turnable diaphragm to listen to the high frequencies and use light pressure to listen to the low frecuencies
Littman Lightweight II SE with Pink tubing
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