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ECG : ECG Recorders
Cardioline ar 1200viewbt ECG

Cardioline ar 1200viewbt ECG

  • Recording of an ECG in either automatic or manual mode with
    preprogrammed set up and format

  • Real time visualisation of the ECG signal on a graphic display in
    multiple formats: 3, 6, 6+6 ch

  • Printing of the ECG on 120 mm format paper using a high resolution
    thermal printer

  • Sorting of the tests according to time and date with QWERTY
    keyboard to manage user and patient data

  • Effects automatic ECG parameter measurement

  • Archive storage of ECG records in a personal computer running cube
    ecg software (included)

  • Real time display of the 12 lead ECG on PC screen to allow
    management of patient medical records and archiving of ECG's in
    digital format using CubeECG software (included)

  • Thanks to the fl exibility of the software used and to the Bluetooth Class I
    communication the ar1200viewbt can be adapted at any given moment
    to suit your individual requirements.
    Key features of the ar1200viewbt included as standard:
  • Bluetooth (Class 1) data transmission to PC

  • QWERTY keyboard for fast data entry

  • Memory option: storage of up to 200 full ECG exams, with no need to
    print out the ECG
Cardioline ar 1200viewbt ECG
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