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Lighting : Provita
Series 5 OSRAM LED Mobile Lamp

Series 5 OSRAM LED Mobile Lamp

  Series 5 OSRAM-LED Mobile Lamp
  • Our most energy effi cient lamp producing approximately 70,000 lux luminous power and 30 Watt energy consumption
  • Adjustable 4 step dimmer guarantees
    excellent visibility
  • Superb light quality with temperature controlled "Osram LED"
  • Generates primary light with a very high colour rendering, long lifetime
    and consistent light quality
  • Multiple light mixture and gloss metal reflector generate a homogenous light and shadow free, non-glare working area
  • Exceptional hygiene properties developed through polished,closed and seamless surfaces (no louvres) combined with a sterilisable handle
  • Comfortable handling due to weight-balance, low-friction and cardanic positioning

    Technical details
  • Lamp colour: White
  • Bulb type LED: with cool light reflector
  • Bulb 12v/50w with 10% divergence LED 3x 1w
  • Light intensity 65,000 lux (approx.) at 1000mm
  • Light field 170mm diameter at 1000mm
  • Colour temperature 4000kelvin
  • Colour rendering index 94
  • Bulb life Approx 30,000 hours
  • Switch At lamp head
  • Working radius Approx 950mm
  • Electrical input 120/240V 50-60Hz
  • Total weight 18kg
  • Mounting pin dia 18mm

    Mobile Stand
  • Stand height 1070mm
  • Stand height 1070mm
  • Castor base Steel, white coated
  • Base diameter 635mm approx.
  • Castors 5 with 2 lockable and antistatic

    Please order base/mounting separately form list shown below

Series 5 OSRAM LED Mobile Lamp
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