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Visco Memory Mattress - Single

Visco Memory Mattress - Single

  Visco Memory Mattress - Single
  • Millions of temperature and weight sensitive microscopic cells to support your whole body
  • Suitable for any bed base
  • Includes a cream supersoft velour zipped cover
  • Also available as a 5cm visco elastic 'topper' - simply place on top of your existing mattress for all the benefits of a memory mattress
  • 2 year guarantee
Equipment to improve your night's sleep

Our mattresses are made from open cell visco-elastic temperature sensitive material that shapes to the contours of the body.  This provides proper support and reduces pressure points.  Mattress are in 2 layers: a 10cm/ 4" visco-elastic top with a 5cm/ 2" supportive base layer.
Visco Memory Mattress - Single
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