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Personal care : Foot care
Orthaheel Heel Pain Reliever, pair - Large

Orthaheel Heel Pain Reliever, pair - Large

Orthaheel Heel Pain Reliever, pair - Large
  Orthaheel - Orthotic Heel Pain Reliever - Regular, pair - Size: Large
  • Anatomically shaped heel support, suitable for the following conditions:
            Plantar fasciitis (inflammation under the heel)
            Heel spurs (bony growths under the heel)
            Achilles tendonitis (pain in the back of the heel)
            Cracked or split heels
            Bruised heels
  • Anti-impact SORBON pad reduces shock to the heel
  • Deep heel cup and arch section helps to correctly align the foot
  • Soft, brushed nylon upper surface
Orthaheel are designed by leading podiatrist, Philip Vasyli, to relieve pain and support the feet. Orthaheel are proven to offer the best relief for pain and discomfort in the heel, arch or ball of the foot.  Orthaheel also helps to reduce corns, callouses and bunions (by correctly aligning the foot) and reduces secondary pain in the shins, knees, hips and lower back.  In fact, Orthaheel are so confident of their effectiveness, they offer a 30 day FULL money back satisfaction guarantee on all their products!

All Orthaheel products combine foot-fresh anti-bacterial deodorizer coating, keeping your insoles fresher for longer.

Not sure which products are best for your feet? Contact your local shop, where we will be happy to discuss your requirements and offer a tailored solution.
Orthaheel Heel Pain Reliever, pair - Large
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