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Personal care : Surgical Supports & Orthotics : Knee Supports
Red Box Orthotics: Patella Tracking Brace - X-Large

Red Box Orthotics: Patella Tracking Brace - X-Large

  Red Box Lower Limb Orthotics: 210 Patella Tracking Brace -  X-Large

Infrapatellar tendonitis
Conservative treatment of Osgood Schlatter syndrome and Chondromalacia patella
Patella tracking

Lateral PF compression syndrome
Patella subluxsation/dislocation
Adjustable 'Donut Patella Disc'
Medial and lateral spirals, prevent bunching
Adjustable velcro pressure straps
Small, light and comfortable
Measurements at:
Above knee 48-51cm - Centre knee 42-46cm - Below knee 39-41cm

From light strains and sprains to complete post operative knee immobilization, Red Box has a knee brace to suit your requirement.  Please study the indications and features of each brace before making your decision.  We are available to help, just call for further assistance

Red Box Orthotics has evolved by working closely with health professionals and users to identify shortcomings and best features. The orthopaedic braces are manufactured to an extremely high standard and include a number of specific design features that ensure both clinical efficacy and patient compliance.
  • Patented "Donut Patella Disc' - disc can be altered to provide lateral, medial, superior or inferior patella  tracking support
  • Clever Strapping Systems - design and materials help locate and maintain the orthosis in the optimum position
  • Ease of Application and Removal - loop and tab added where relevant to aid user compliance
  • Reduced pinching at the back of the knee - anatomically contoured knee back panels accommodate a seated posture
  • Elasticated Calf Panel - allows for muscle expansion
The range primarily uses a revolutionary new material, Breath-O-Prene. which has specific characteristics and is unique to Red Box.  Breathe-O-Prene uses no adhesives to bond the material layers, allowing moisture to escape and air to get in, reducing the potential for skin irritation. It is a softer, more comfortable yet durable material that is also latex free.
Red Box Orthotics: Patella Tracking Brace - X-Large
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