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Homecare : Epicondylitis Clamps
Epicondylitis Clamp, Large

Epicondylitis Clamp, Large

Epicondylitis Clamp, Large
  Epi-Med Epicondylitis Brace:  X-Small - 22 to 23cm (8.5" to  9")
  • Fast and effective relief from the pain of tennis elbow
  • High quality materials and manufacture
  • Provides many months of continued relief
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Easy to apply
  • Available in a large range of sizes - measure the forearm at the widest point
The pain of tendonitis of the elbow, otherwise known as 'Tennis Elbow' or 'Golfer's Elbow', can be extreme, debilitating and difficult to treat.  The surest way to relieve the condition is to rest the effected area for some days to allow the inflammation of the tendons to reduce.  This is difficult, if not impossible (especially if the injury is work related) and means that exercise, sports activity and heavy lifting must be halted until the healing is complete.

Other options for treatment include:

Injection at the point of injury - painful, with mixed results
Strapping and general support - non-specific with slight improvement
Epi-Med brace - proven most effective immediate and long term solution

Tendonitis of the elbow is a recurring condition and is rarely curable.  The best solution we can hope for is one that provides relief and healing during a flare-up and prevention during exercise and heavy activity.
An epicondylitis brace does exactly that.  By bracing the muscles in the upper forearm, pressure and working strain on the tendons of the elbow is greatly reduced, relieving pain and allowing the joint to  heal. Further strains can also be prevented - simply by wearing your Epi-Med brace during exercise and work.

Sizing the Epi-Clasp:

To determine the correct size of Epi-Med clasp required your must measure the arm around the widest part of the forearm, approx 1 1/2" (4-5cm) from the elbow. Follow the size-range guide below to determine the correct size brace required:

22-23cm (8 1/2" - 9") X-Small
24-25cm (9 1/4" - 10") Small
26-27cm (10 1/4" - 10 3/4") Medium
28-30cm (11" - 11 3/4") Large
31-35cm (12" - 13 1/2") X-Large
Epicondylitis Clamp, Large
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