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Personal care : Surgical Supports & Orthotics : Orthotic & Prescription Fitting Services
Orthotic & Prescription Fitting Services

Orthotic & Prescription Fitting Services

Orthotic & Prescription Fitting Services
  Orthotic & Prescription Fitting Services

For all soft support, surgical hosiery and specialist orthosis products, Bridge & Lindsey offer a free fitting service.  Our orthotist is available by appointment, to consider your condition and offer the best, tailored solution for you.  We can accept NHS prescriptions for any support listed on the drug tariff - please contact your GP for advice on suitable supports available.  For all items not available on prescription, we offer a competitively priced private option.

Here are examples of the types of products available.

Surgical Hosiery:

Compression stockings and tights
  • Wide range of colours and sizes
  • Made to measure facility
  • Available in grades - I, II and III
Surgical grade anti-embolism stockings (flight socks)
Lymphodema sleeves
Corsetry - made to measure
Maternity support belts
Hernia support belts and trusses (elastic band and sprung)

Specialist Braces:

Foot and ankle - leaf spring, Swedish and more
Knee braces and immobilizers
Hip braces
Spinal belts, supports and braces
Neck and shoulder supports, collars and braces


Replacement prosthetics
Clothing and swimwear

Due to the very wide range of products and variations available we are unable to list and price every option.  Our staff will be happy to give further information on request.  Please call your local branch for further details.

Orthotic Fitting Services
Orthotic & Prescription Fitting Services
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