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Personal care : Back & neck supports
Obus Forme Back Support, Black

Obus Forme Back Support, Black

  Obus Forme Back Support - Black
  • Unique S-Shaped frame - conforms to spinal curve
  • Polyurethane foam protects the frame and gives additional support
  • Elastic strap secures backrest into any seat
  • Additional, adjustable lumbar pad provides extra support by filling the lumbar curve
  • Lifetime warranty on frame
  • Available in Black, Navy Blue, Grey and Burgundy
  • Dimensions:  Height 21"/ 53cm x Width 17.5"/ 44cm
Also available:
  • CustomAIR back support - includes additional inflatable lumbar region providing finite individual adjustment
  • Wideback - wider than the standard back (20"/ 50cm)
  • Highback - extended head and neck section provides extra comfort and support
Back pain affects 80% of adults at some time in their lives and is the most common cause of disability in adults aged 45 and under.  There is more stress placed on the lower back than on any other point in the body.  Patented and unique Obus Forme backrest supports provide support for the lower back to relieve and prevent pain and fatigue.

The patented S-shaped frame conforms naturally and comfortably to the S-curve of the spine to guide the back in to the correct alignment and promote proper sitting posture.

Lightweight and portable, Obus Forme back supports are designed for use in any seat - at work, in the car or at home.  Obus Forme supports are endorsed and recommended by Chiropractors internationally.

Combine your Obus Forme back support with the Obus Forme seat and benefit from maximum pressure relief in the lower back.  The Obus Forme seat is automatically shaped for comfort and support and evenly distributes weight to prevent pressure points.
Obus Forme Back Support, Black
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