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Personal care : Back & neck supports
Putnams Wedge 8 degree with Cut-out (cushion)

Putnams Wedge 8 degree with Cut-out (cushion)

Putnams Wedge 8 degree with Cut-out (cushion)
  Putnams Wedge Cushion - 8 degree with Coccyx Cut-out
  • Ideal for use in a car seat, providing a far more comfortable driving position
  • Great for use in an office chair, taking the strain out of long hours operating a computer
  • Robust, polyurethane foam
  • Non-slip velour cover, with zip for easy removal
  • Available in 8? and 11? wedges with optional coccyx cut-out to ease pressure on the tail bone
  • Dimensions:
    • 8?  wedge: 14"/ 36cm (w) x 14"/ 36cm (d) x 3"/ 8cm (max height)
    • 11? wedge:  14"/ 36cm (w) x 14"/ 36cm (d) x 3.75"/ 9.5cm (max height)
  • 2 year  guarantee
The simple act of sitting can cause back pain and long term difficulties due to the enormous pressure placed on the spine. Putnams wedges help reduce back pain and fatigue by changing the angle of the pelvis and encouraging a better posture.
Putnams Wedge 8 degree with Cut-out (cushion)
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