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Personal care : Back & neck supports
Sero Cushion, Polyester cover: Armchair, Coccyx

Sero Cushion, Polyester cover: Armchair, Coccyx

Sero Cushion, Polyester cover: Armchair, Coccyx
  Sero Pressure Relief Cushion with Polyester cover - Armchair with Coccyx Cut-out
  • Eliminates numbness and helps relieve pressure points
  • Indispensable during natural healing process
  • Ideal post-operative cushion
  • Available as standard cushion, or with coccyx and bony-parts cut-outs providing total pressure relief at the critical point
  • Choose from standard depth or deluxe extra-deep cushions
  • Dimensions:
    • Standard: 16.75"/ 42.5cm (l) x 16.25"/ 41cm (w) x 3"/ 7.5cm (d)
    • Deluxe: 16.75"/ 42.5cm (l) x 16.25"/ 41cm (w) x 4"/ 10cm (d)
    • Armchair: 19.5"/ 49.5cm (l) x 18.5"/ 48cm (w) x 3"/ 7.5cm (d)
  • Includes a hand-washable zipped, mid-blue polyester cover or dark blue velour cover
  • 2 year guarantee
Also available:
  • Cushion with Dr Huff post-natal pain relief cut-out
  • Ripple Comfort Seat - designed for wheelchair users, has Sero cushion base with sero foam sides and back cushioning providing all-round pressure relief, comfort and support
Our best selling pressure relieving seat cushions. Made from top grade 50 superior foam, guaranteeing superior performance and durability. Sero cushions raised profile ridges evenly distribute the users weight to help prevent pressure points and to provide a more comfortable sitting experience.  Integral pockets allow air to circulate and heat to disperse.
Sero Cushion, Polyester cover: Armchair, Coccyx
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