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Personal care : Healthcare equipment : Pain relief
Hot Water Bottle

Hot Water Bottle

  Hot Water Bottle
  • Traditional hot water bottle
  • Thick rubber with leak-proof stopper
  • Available with or without soft cover
Hot and Cold Treatments for Discomfort and Pain Relief

The most effective, non-pharmaceutical remedy for aches, pains, strains and stiffness is to use a source of heat or cold to control the pain.
  • Heat helps to improve circulation to the area of pain whilst soothing muscles and promoting healing
  • Cold numbs the source of pain for a more immediate relief
  • An alternating hot and cold remedy is said to further promote healing and pain relief.
Our range of wheat bags, hot and cold packs and freeze sprays offer excellent benefits when relieving muscular strains and pains. Each system offers different benefits in the way of speed of effectiveness, re-use and convenience.
Please take time to read about each system before making your decision.  We are available should you need any further advice.
Hot Water Bottle
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